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i Can take proven, measurable actions to mitigate climate change.

Find your purpose by implementing the following strategies that are
within your control. 

How Can i Help ?

i Can be apart of reducing greenhouse  gas emissions by 72%

Easy to do

Eating less meat and shifting to EV's are the two most impactful actions we can do as humans to help the current climate crisis. The best news is, that both of these actions are easy and well within our control ! 

Impactful climate actions

The impact that diet has on the environment is huge. Shifting away from an animal based diet would reduce agricultural emissions by 73% ! Currently, drive generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions (29%). Adopting an EV would reduce GHG emissions significantly. 

Better quality of life

These two actions can drastically improve our quality of life. A plant based diet is the only diet known to prevent and even reverse the most dire health conditions while  switching to an EV in the long run is far more sustainable in terms of monetary gain, durability, & longevity. Not to mention the fact that EV's don't exude any toxic air pollutants as opposed to gas powered vehicles. 

Our Mission

We are a determined group of individuals that want to put an end to the climate crisis.


Rooted in science and the latest research, our knowledge comes from those with expertise beyond our own. 

To make our vision a reality, we need your help. Turn your passion into action. 

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to learn more about our efforts and witness how you can impact climate change for the better. 

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Forest Fire
Fresh Vegetables Salad

The single most impactful climate action i Can take. 

- ¾ of agricultural land is used for livestock production (single biggest source of habitat destruction)

- shifting away from an animal based diet would reduce agricultural emissions by 73% 

- by not eating beef for an entire year, you can save 3,432 trees (imagine how that number would increase for every animal based product given up)

Amplify your action by turning your expertise into skill to help climate change. 

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