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by decreasing my intake of sugar, i Can reduce my carbon footprint on the environment & improve my overall health.  

sugar has a colossal carbon footprint

213 gallons of water is required to produce ONE pound of refined cane sugar. That’s almost NINE gallons PER teaspoon.

Pastries, ice cream, & sugar-sweetened drinks account for large percentages of the greenhouse gas emissions related to food.


This is greatly due to the water, energy and pesticides used in growing these types of foods. 

1kg of Chocolate emits 19kg of greenhouse gas emissions.


* The greenhouse gas emissions produced by nuts, fruits, and root vegetables is close to 0.


Water Consumption

Better for you, but even better for the planet. 

The sugar in 1 Starbucks Iced Coffee requires 10 gallons of water to be produced. 

The sugar in 1 Can of Coke requires 12 gallons of water to be produced. 

The sugar in 1 Taro Bubble Tea requires 20 gallons of water to be produced. 

Much of the sugar we consume, is HIDDEN in foods we don't necessarily think of as SWEET

Oatmeal with Berries

Quaker Oats : Brown Sugar & Maple Oatmeal = 3¾ teaspoons of sugar per bowl

Liberté : Vanilla Greek Yogurt = 5 teaspoons in half a cup

Heinz : Ketchup = a little over 1 teaspoon of sugar in just 1 squirt

if I get rid of the sugar in my bubble tea twice a week 

If i Reduce my intake 

Early Intervention Makes a HUGE Difference

If you KNOW better, DO better

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