Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Planet

The impact of diet on the health of human and that of the earth

It is eye-opening to see the extensive research on how simple diet change can improve both our bodies' health condition and the Earth's health! Substitute your meat intake with vegetables and bean products, for instance, could be a powerful way to fight your health risk as well as global warming!

Calculate how such impact can be made by you including how much risk for stroke can be reduced, how many Co2 emission can be reduced, how much money you saved etc.

A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change foretells a grim future if humans don’t reduce their impact on the climate. If average global temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius over the pre-industrial average, weather will continue to become more extreme, posing a risk to agricultural food supplies that could trigger a global food crisis, the report states.


About 25 percent of climate change today is fueled by agriculture and factory farming, according to Johnathan Foley, executive director of Project Drawdown, a coalition of researchers and scientists who are working on climate change solutions.


How our diet impacts climate change and what we can do about it! 

Raw Meat with Rosemary

Beef vs Tofu

Co2 emission of Tofu is only 1/30 of that from beef. Check out how much Co2 Emission you can reduce by simply eat more Tofu than beef.

Tofu Salad

Chicken vs Tofu

Even though chicken is considered not as bad as beef, it is still staggering to check out the numbers.

Rice Balls

Fish vs Tofu

The ocean plays a much more significant role in absorbing Co2 than we used to think. Fish is not a green diet after all.

The Foods That Contribute The Most/Least To Climate Change

rocky-mountain-grilled-t-b copy_7.png


Beef cattle require the most land, emit the most gases and are the most harmful for the climate.  



A Finnish study states that this dairy product is the most polluting of livestock produce.  



This product is imported almost all over the world and generates a huge amount of C02 due to transportation.  



These fruits produce less emissions and contribute the least to climate change.  

Diet for yourself, your family and your environment.